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Mongolian officials eye Montana wildlife crossings

19/04/2013  |  infrastructure
April 09, 2013 The drone of traffic created a constant roar on U.S. Highway 93 early Monday as a delegation of Mongolian government officials joined scientists in climbing an earthen bank spanning the roadway. Animal tracks left in the mud told them they weren't alone. A few deer had moved over the crossing e ...
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Residence choose tender winners for re-planning of ger district

19/04/2013  |  infrastructure
April 19, 2013 The tender for the project to re-plan the ger districts was announced publicly according to the rules for the re-planning process for the ger district, approved by the Capital City Representative Khural. Over 32 entities sent 52 proposals for the tender. As a result of first stage of the tender ...
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Mongolian Railway invited investors in the new railway project

20/02/2013  |  infrastructure
February 20, 2013 The Parliament of Mongolia ratified the State Policy on Railway Transportation (Railway Policy) in June 2010. The Railway Policy concluded to construct approximately 5,600 km of railway infrastructure in 3 phases in an effort to extend the unified railway network, utilize large mines, and ex ...
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No decision on increase to electric prices

16/02/2013  |  infrastructure
February 8, 2013 The discussion by the Commission of Electric Arrangement is on whether or not to increase power and hit the 15% to 20% output on 1st March, 2013. Gan-Erdene.R, the Head of the Law and Administration Office of the Commission of Electric Arrangement was asked some questions about the matter. -L ...
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Mongolia: Sky-high ICT goals

13/02/2013  |  infrastructure
February 13, 2013 Cabinet approval for Mongolia’s first satellite in late 2012 makes clear the height of the country’s ambitions for improving information and communications technology (ICT) provisions. Although a satellite launch is an ambitious objective, improving on-the-ground infrastructure w ...
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Ties with Poland on construction and urban development

30/01/2013  |  infrastructure
January 30, 2013 Ties with Poland on construction and urban development Yesterday 15 hours 49 minutes During an official visit by President Elbegdorj to Poland last week the Ministry for Construction and Urban Development signed an agreement with Poland to cooperate in the construction sector and on urban dev ...
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New Railway Project to be financed next month

28/01/2013  |  infrastructure
on January 28, 2013 The Cabinet meeting of Mongolian Government was held on January 26, 2012, discussing a number of timely issues faced by the policy makers. Following an earlier decision made by government, Mongolian Railway, a state owned company, has been provided with the special license to build rail tr ...
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