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Master Budget statistics

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ As of the preliminary result of 2015, total revenue and grants of the General Government Budget amounted to MNT 5973.8 billion and total expenditure and net lending amounted to MNT 7136.9 billion, representing a balance deficit of MNT 1163.2 billion.

Tax revenue decreased by MNT 14.3 billion or 0.3 percent compared to the previous year. This decrease mainly reflected decreases of MNT 334.6 billion or 24.4 percent on value added taxes and MNT 34.7 billion or 9.8 percent in taxes on international trade and transactions.

Revenue has increased by MNT 137.9 billion or 30.4 percent on excise taxes, MNT 121.2 billion or 13.2 percent taxes on social contributions, MNT 77.5 billion or 7.0 percent in income tax and MNT 10.0 billion or 1.2 percent in other taxes.

Total expenditure and net lending of the master budget reached MNT 7136.9 billion, showing a decrease of MNT 7.6 billion or 0.1 percent against the previous year. This decrease was mainly due to decreases of MNT 433.1 billion or 24.5 percent in capital expenditure, by MNT 31.0 billion or 38.7 percent in net lending, whereas interest expenses increased by MNT 230.7 billion or 46.1 percent, expenses on goods and services -- by MNT 168.7 billion or 6.4 percent, current transfers -- by MNT 48.9 billion or 2.4 percent compared to the previous year.