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Consumers can now enjoy 2% VAT cashback

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ New law on value-added tax has been effective for four days, so far. The law regulates that consumers can collect their receipts from supermarkets and other services, receive 2 percent cashback and take part in lottery.

Initially, Petrovis and Sod Mongol gas stations, Nomin, Maks Foods and Sky supermarkets, Minii and Bosa chains of supermarkets have printed out and are serving new receipts in accordance with the Law.

Other markets and malls will launch prized receipts starting from January 15.

Some rental stores have begun printing explanatory comments on their products to why they are not allowing prized receipts. For instance, Nomin chain of supermarkets has excluded bakeries and flowers from prized receipts.

To receive cashback and participate in lottery, consumers must register into website.