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A new Weiler concrete and steel factory has opened in Mongolia that managers claims will produce wall fixtures to allow for year-round construction and lower housing costs by 25 percent.
The plant will produce four types of walls as well as flooring materials, and columns. Daily production will include 40 inter-locking floor blocks, 10 outdoor walls, 16 columns, and two stair cases. Walls blocks will interlock using concrete and are able to trap heat for warmth, said the chief executive of Mongolian partner company Grand Baishin LLC, S. Saruulsaikhan. The concrete blocks can be used for various construction such as fencing, roads and highways, railway, highway and even airport, he added.
Grand Baishin obtained a loan from the government's Price Stabilization Program to build the factory. The program provided low-interest loans to companies to help produce materials and equipment for housing construction with the aim of lowering housing costs.
The domestic factory makes it possible for the construction of 200,000 square meter homes, as well as the construction of a nine-story building in a month, said Saruulsaikhan.

Source: Udriin Sonin