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Enkhtsatsar Tugs-Aldar 

The founding principle of Zaza Corporate Counsel was to develop an international best practice business consultancy which could fill the communication gap between Mongolian enterprises and the international business community and deliver successful project execution on their behalf . Zaza Corp’s strategic vision is to provide local companies and International community with a trusted partner and vehicle for successful mutual cooperation. Our strength is our leverage; our network of partners in both the public and private sectors to complement our expertise and assist us to remain at the forefront of emerging trends and practices. ZazaCorp looks forward to assisting you in reaching your goals by providing solutions ,market intelligence and the means to unlock the opportunities that Mongolia offers.


Zaza Corporate Counsel is a diversified corporate business consulting company, whose people are trained and educated in the the Mongolian business environment and aware of the emerging market dynamics. Our advisory Board consists of Mongolian and international experts in business, economics, international relations and legal affairs with in-depth expertise and experiences in their respective fields. We are dedicated to the success of our partners and clients in the fast growing Mongolian economy and help them capitalize on emerging mining and non- mining investment opportunities throughout the country.


  • A concrete coordination on ad-hoc and retainer based projects
  • A compelling innovative concepts 
  • Component understanding of multilateral business cultural environment


  • Business intelligence
  • Government relations counsel
  • Market  entry studies & business plans
  • Partnership negotiations and licensing
  • Logistics and administration advice 
  • Coordination  of business and technical missions  to Mongolia
  • Product branding and marketing


  • A thorough understanding of the Mongolian economy and local market dynamics
  • An effective and productive marketing strategy
  • An approach to project execution based on mutual trust and shared benefits
  • Technology transfer and licensing to Mongolian  partners
  • Respect of the intellectual property of international technology  providers and developers in all  our negotiations
  • To develop our clients’ business opportunities in Mongolia
  • To establish commercial, industrial and technological cooperation with Mongolian companies and Government
  • Emissions free and technically sound technology transfers
  • A ONE-STOP business development service to our customers   from research to logistics to implementation