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Business Consulting, Logistics, Technology Service & Project Development in Mongolia

Welcome to ZAZA Corporate Counsel


The founding principle of Zaza Corporate Counsel is to develop an international best practice in business consultancy filling the communication gap between Mongolian enterprises and the international business community.


Our mission is to facilitate the successful entry of your business into the Mongolian market and help capitalize on emerging mining and non mining investment opportunities throughout the country. 


ZAZA Corporate Counsel LLC is a corporate consulting company providing customized business research, analysis and development advice in the Mongolian market. We leverage our network of partners in both the public and private sectors to complement our expertise and remain at the forefront of emerging trends and practices. 

We support foreign companies and investors who aim to develop their business and operation in Mongolia by defining their market entry and penetration strategies, as well as identifying the best project development opportunities and finding reliable local partners in the Mongolian market. ZAZA Advisory Board consists of Mongolian and international experts in business, economics, international relations and legal affairs with in-depth expertise and experiences in their respective fields.

We are dedicated to the success of our partners and clients in the fast growing Mongolian economy and strengthening international economic cooperation.